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Figure 7

From: Identification of fragments from Autographa Californica polyhedrin protein essential for self-aggregation and exogenous protein incorporation

Figure 7

Identification of the minimum fragment from polyhedrin that retains the self-aggregation property. A, confocal microscopy studies using the fragments PH(1–58)­EGFP, PH(58–110)­EGFP and PH(1–110)­EGFP alone, or in co-expression with WT polyhedrin (B). Boxes below each panel indicate cellular localization based on the degree of co-localization with the nuclear marker DAPI. Notice that fragment PH(1–58)­EGFP is soluble and found in both the nucleus and the cytosol. Fragments PH(58–110)­EGFP and PH(1–110)­EGFP can form self-aggregates when expressed alone or be incorporated into polyhedra, when co-expressed with WT polyhedrin. Thus the minimum self-aggregating fragment identified in this study was PH(58–110)­EGFP.

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