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Figure 4

From: Identification of fragments from Autographa Californica polyhedrin protein essential for self-aggregation and exogenous protein incorporation

Figure 4

Polyhedrin fused to EGFP forms cytosolic aggregates. A, confocal microscopy visualization of the cellular localization of full-length polyhedrin fused to EGFP (PH(1–245)-EGFP). Panel on the left side shows EGFP fluorescence, and panel on the right DAPI staining to illustrate the localization of the nucleus. Lower panel shows the merge (EGFP + DAPI) and to the right the merge + differential interference contrast (DIC). B, confocal tridimensional projection of a cell expressing PH(1–245)-EGFP. Notice that DAPI labeling is covered by the PH(1–245)-EGFP fluorescence, because PH(1–245)-EGFP is expressed in the cytosol. Notice the formation of aggregates by PH(1–245)-EGFP.

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